Bale seems happy with his retirement despite a Wrexham offer

Welsh legend Gareth Bale declined the chance to play for a Wrexham team owned by Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenny of Hollywood.


Following the Welsh club’s weekend promotion to the English Football League, the former Wales captain was offered the opportunity to play for them.


 “Hey, @GarethBale11 let’s play golf, where I totally won’t spend 4 hours trying to convince you to un-retire for one last magical season”. Tweeted McEhenne 


Deadpool star Reynolds continued: “ I will shave a professional-grade golf course into Rob’s back if you’ll give Wrexham a season” prior to uploading a photo of Bale wearing a Wrexham shirt and saying: “What if…”


However, the 33-year-old Bale insisted Friday at the UK Sports Industry Awards that he had no plans to reverse his decision to call it quits after leading Wales to the World Cup finals. 

In response to the question of whether he was driven to play football again at Wrexham, Bale said: “ No I don’t think so. I think I was looking more for a free round of golf from Rob.


“I’m sure we’ll have a chat and a joke but I’m happy where I am.

“I’m spending a lot of time with my kids and my wife, time that I’ve lost so much over years being committed to football. I’m just enjoying family life and playing some golf”.


When asked if he missed football, former Real Madrid and Tottenham player Bale said.


” No I’m enjoying my time away. I started at a young age and felt the time was right.


“We left Wales football in a great place and I’m sure they’re going to still continue to strive and do good things”.


On Saturday, Wrexham plays its final game of the year against Torquay, where a victory will boost their National League points total to 113.

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