Does Virat Kohli follow Babar Azam on Instagram?

Does Virat Kohli follow Babar Azam on Instagram?

All you should know about – Does Indian Cricket star Virat Kohli follow Pakistani skipper Babar Azam on Instagram?

Cricket is watched by almost 2.5 billion people worldwide and it is undeniably one of the biggest sports in the history of humankind. And as much as we like to keep and call it a ‘gentleman’s game’, heated moments in cricket matches have always been a part of it.

One can easily say ‘RIVALRY’ is the heart of cricket, which has kept the blood of the game pumping this good for this long. With the game having high-stakes rivalries like West Indies and Aussies, Aussies and England, CSK and MI and so on, nothing ever comes close to the rivalry between India and Pakistan. The heated rivalry has always had generations glued to their seats.

So if these two countries are always polar opposites every time, imagine how heated the person who captains these countries must be, Virat Kohli ( Former Indian cricket team captain) and Babar Azam (Current Pakistan men’s cricket team captain). It’s always Babar Azam’s average vs Virat Kohli’s average, Virat’s centuries with Babar’s and so on. Hence, it is very normal to be curious about the personal relationship between these two. Since they are always at opposite corners of the pavilion it is normal to assume that there will be so much spite between these two. Surprisingly between these cricket heartthrobs that is not the case. Time and again they have shown how much they respect each other and how ‘game recognises game.’ When Virat was asked about Babar Azam in an interview once, he said, “probably the top batsman in the world right now across formats.” “Babar is a very nice guy, I have always had a good conversation with him. He is much junior to me so kinship I am not sure of, but there is respect. There is always respect.” And this respect has never been a one-way road. Babar Azam is often seen tweeting and praising Virat about his talent and his contribution to cricket. And when Virat was struggling to perform well for a good while, Babar tweeted, โ€œThis too shall pass. Stay strong. #ViratKohli,โ€.

Also, when an interviewer asked Babar what’s his take on Virat’s form, he said, “Nothing is easy in life. There are challenges everywhere. It is up to you how you achieve things in life and how you overcome the challenges you face. Virat is still one of the best batters world cricket”.

Do Virat Kohli and Babar Azam follow each other on Instagram?

Knowing well that the two greats respect each other in public interviews; what about their personal social media accounts? Virat Kohli boasts a humongous 233 million followers on Instagram and Babar has around 3.1 million followers. Kohli follows almost 0.0000010076 percent of his followers count and Babar follows around 0.0000119355 percent of his followers count. So after all this commotion in the media and their rare respect for each other, it is common to think that both will make it to each other’s priority list. But to our surprise, it’s not the case and the two do not follow each other on Instagram. To sum it up, Babar does not follow Kohli and the only Babar that Kohli is following is BABAR-amdass.

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