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James Krause’s bone-chilling advice to Grant Dawson that spurred him on!

Grant Dawson earned the performance of the night for his win over Leonardo Santos.

James Krause

Grant Dawson took on Leonardo Santos in the preliminary card of UFC Vegas 22. At one stage, it looked like the match was going to be decided by the judges’ scorecards (even when there were 3 seconds left). But, just when there were 2 seconds left on the clock, Grant Dawson’s flurry of punches flattened and knocked the lights out on Leonardo Santos. What an unbelievable buzzer-beater (Vince Carter, you have company!)

And, now ringside footage from the fight, prior to the beginning of the third round, shows Grant Dawson’s coach and current UFC welterweight James Krause breathing fire right into Grant Dawson’s face. The fiery advice Krause gives is enough to inspire even a toddler to take on Goliath.

‘I want you to knock his f***ing head off‘ – James Krause

Krause can be heard saying, “Hey! Look at me! I don’t know how this is being scored, do you understand me? Look at me! I don’t know how to score, you can’t take him down. You gotta try to knock him out. You’re just throwing one backside six. Add punches to it, put some numbers together for me, you understand?

He continues, “We need a finish here. I don’t know if it’s one-one or could be two-o. I don’t know bro. We gotta go to finish here okay!? Don’t leave this to the judges, I want you to leave this all here, you got five minutes. I want you to knock his f***ing head off.”

An inspired Grant Dawson goes into the third round, and delivers exactly what James Krause asked for. With just five seconds left on the clock, Dawson unloads fists-of-fury right to Santos’s head rendering him unconscious. And, as soon as the referee waves off the fight, Dawson jumps above the cage and embraces James Krause!

Take a bow, James Krause!

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