Leon Edwards believes Khamzat Chimaev will return to the octagon soon!

Leon Edwards and Khamzat Chimaev were booked to fight umpteen times, but the fight never materialized.

It was all going well for Khamzat Chimaev before he was booked for a fight against Leon Edwards. He was on a three match win streak in the UFC, after making his debut only in July 2020. Leon Edwards vs Khamzat Chimaev was cancelled for the first time when Leon Edwards tested positive for the coronavirus. It was later rescheduled for another date, and this time it was scrapped off again – this time it was Khamzat who tested positive for the virus.

Just like every other athlete, Khamzat was believed to return to action very soon. But the long term effects of the disease got the better of him, and he began feeling the heat. It reached a point where the Swede announced his retirement, and he currently is retired. (although not permanently, or is he?!)

Speaking in an interview with James Lynch, Leon Edwards was asked about Khamzat Chimaev’s future in the sport of MMA. Edwards felt that it was just the lasting effects of COVID-19 which ‘is making ‘The Borz’ feel down and out’, and added that he would be back soon.

It’s getting to him and he just spat his dummy out

Leon Edwards was quoted as saying, “Nah! I don’t think so. I think the thing (effects of COVID-19) getting to him right. Just being ill probably. It’s getting to him and he just spat his dummy out. I don’t think he’s retiring probably. Have a little time off and come again. You know?” [H/T LowBro-Sports]

Can Khamzat beat the deadly virus and return to the octagon?

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