UFC 260 Main Event : Stipe Miocic vs Francis Ngannou

UFC 260 Main Event: Stipe Miocic vs Francis Ngannou 2 Preview – The Clash of the Titans

The world is set to witness unimaginable levels of raw power at the UFC 260 Main Event.

UFC 260 Main Event: The highly anticipated rematch between Stipe Miocic and Francis Ngannou is almost upon us. The champ Stipe Miocic will be going into the fight as the underdog, as he was during the first match as well. But the 38-year old, wouldn’t let that affect him one bit, as Stipe, the ‘underdog’ had Francis Ngannou huffing and puffing, the last time they met, at UFC 220.

On the other hand, the village of Batie will be waiting for the humble monster they carved to create history. Ngannou’s outrageous power is not only due to his supreme genetics but also due to the impoverished lifestyle he underwent as a child. One punch is all it takes for a man like Ngannou to shut down the opponent, but can he do it against arguably the greatest heavyweight of all time?

Can The Firefighter gas out the ‘Predator’ once again?

The MMA community didn’t show the respect Miocic deserved when he faced Ngannou at UFC 220. He had only become the champion at UFC 198, roughly 20 months before, in 2016. And, Francis Ngannou was coming off a brutal knockout that air-lifted the dangerous Alistair Overeem, almost taking away his soul. However, the calm and collected Stipe, despite being the underdog, tired out Francis, outpunching and outwrestling him to successfully defend his title.

Since then, Miocic has only faced one opponent –Daniel Cormier. At a point, it looked like Daniel Cormier will retire as the heavyweight champion, after Miocic fell to DC at UFC 226 in their first meeting. Stipe then rose like a phoenix, proving exactly why he is called the baddest man on the planet, in his next two fights with DC. A year later, Stipe reclaimed the heavyweight belt via. a TKO victory against Cormier at UFC 241, and once again defended it at UFC 252, emerging victorious in the trilogy bout.

Contrarily, Francis Ngannou has faced diverse opponents, since his loss to Miocic. After UFC 220, Ngannou took on Derrick Lewis at UFC 226 (the same night Miocic lost his belt to DC), and faced the same fate, (a unanimous decision loss) in a snooze-fest. Since then, there was no looking back for the Cameroonian, as he steamrolled and piledrove whoever came his way.

Francis KOed all his next four opponents, in the very first round, all of whom were quite big names (notably former heavyweight champions Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos). He’s spent just 162 seconds to knock them all out. That’s hardly even three minutes!!! That’s truly a ONE-PUNCH MAN there!

Miocic is always known to keep things simple. He will be backing his diverse skillset and the efficient boxer that he is. OTOH, Ngannou will be looking forward to landing that one decisive punch!!! Will it be Stipe all the way? Or will the man who hits like a Ford Escort, bring pride to the land of Africa?

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