UFC 259 : Jan Blachowicz becomes the first man to defeat Israel Adesanya!

Blachowicz won via unanimous decision in the main event of UFC 259.

Jan Blachowicz (black shorts) landing a body kick on Israel Adesanya

Israel Adesanya suffered the first loss in his professional MMA career, as a move to the light-heavyweight in a bid to become a two-division champion, was stopped by the reigning light-heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz. Blachowicz thereby successfully defended his light-heavyweight title in his first title defence. The fight went the full five rounds, but Jan Blachowicz’s superb ground game won him the fight.

Polish Power beats speed and precision!

Jan Blachowicz landing a few punches on Israel Adesanya at UFC 259 (Picture Credit : MMA Fighting)

Both the fighters got off to a good start. But, it was Adesanya who seemed to have control in the early rounds, although Jan wasn’t that behind. As the fight progressed Blachowicz upped the ante, as he began finding his striking range in the third round, connecting with some big punches.

However, it was the last two rounds that turned things completely in favour of the super Pole. Just when Adesanya was trying to gain the clear upper-hand in the fourth round, Blachowicz took him down to the canvas and had him grounded for almost three minutes, occasionally striking him with elbows and short punches. Although, the process tired him out, it helped him a lot in the scoring.

Going into the final round, it was Adesanya who looked fresher of the two, despite Blachowicz clearly dominating the fourth round. The ground work had taken a toll on Jan, and he began breathing through his mouth. Adesanya used this as an opportunity, and began speeding up. However, Jan had other plans – just when Adesanya let the guard down for a couple seconds, he took him down and repeated what he had done in the fourth round. But this time, Jan was more punishing. With Izzy still grounded, towards the end of the round, Jan smashed Izzy with a flurry of punches, as the bell sounded. True Polish Power!

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