‘I see my man Whyte putting this guy down’ – Dillian Whyte’s sparring partner Jermarcus Polain believes Whyte will knock out Alexander Povetkin

We are just 4 days away from one of the biggest heavyweight boxing fights of the year – Dillian Whyte vs Alexander Povetkin rematch. With the WBC interim heavyweight title on the line, both the fighters will have their task cut out to make or break.

Speaking in an interview with Pro Boxing Fans channel on YouTube, Dillian Whyte’s sparring partner Jermarcus Polain (Who is a heavyweight himself with a record of 11 wins, 0 losses, and 1 draw), revealed that people are overlooking the power Whyte brings to the table. He added that Whyte would finish Povetkin this time around and that the fight wouldn’t last the entire 12 rounds.

Dillian is definitely prepared to go 12 rounds‘ – Jermarcus Polain

Polain was quoted as saying, “I see my man [Whyte] putting this guy [Povetkin] down. I believe in him 100%. I’m confident in what he’s going to do. This is a game of a puncher’s chance. Anybody can do what happened [in the first fight] and we know of course he was looking extremely well that night and in my opinion, was winning the fight up until the shot. With that being said, I expect the same thing. Dillian’s going to come out and look great and I definitely see him being victorious on the night of March 27.” [via Boxingnews24.com]

When asked if the fight would go the full 12 rounds, Polain replied, “Honestly I just don’t see it. But, Dillian is definitely prepared to go 12 rounds. He’s in shape, he can do it.” [via Boxingnews24.com]

Dillian Whyte will be itching to make amends, after failing to capitalize over Povetkin being down and out in the fourth round, the last time they met. Povetkin will be backing his experience and diverse skillset to counter the hard-hitting Brit.

Since the fight is inching closer and closer, a lot of notable boxers have begun giving their opinions. Who according to you has the edge in the rematch?

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